• lasagna served
  • seafood rustico
  • chicken francese

Ceno Grille

About us

George Lukas, the founder of Ceno Grille, was born to parents of Cypriot descent that had decided to move to Maryland to raise their children. They soon opened a Greek restaurant where he worked and learned how to cook.

He quickly realized that cooking was more than a job, but a passion. He became a partner at a popular Italian restaurant where he perfected his Italian recipes. Eventually, he decided to move to a warmer climate and decided on Cape Coral to open Geo's, an Italian restaurant named after his nickname. He soon left Geo's and wanted to open a place where he could showcase his knowledge of Greek-style cooking learned from his mom, the Italian recipes he perfected at his prior restaurant, and the Maryland-style seafood he grew up with. He met a local chef, Sean Boller, and Ceno Grille was born and remains a Cape Coral favorite. Where you always get a homemade meal and everyone is treated like family!